Painting with Unusual Means


My Life, My Gift from God

I am Lynette Fontenot.  I am married to Matt, and we live in Lafayette, Louisiana.   Having cerebral palsy since birth, I have overcome many challenges and I am now an artist, motivational speaker and advocate for people with disabilities.  I graduated from Basile High School and LSU-Eunice.  As part of my advocacy work, I serve on several committees, such as the Lafayette Parish Disability Awareness Committee, LACAN, LSU Human Development Constituency Advisory Council, and LaSig.  During my eight year term on the Louisiana State Developmental Disabilities Council I served two years as Secretary and four years as Chairperson.  I am also a motivational speaker to help parents, professionals, and other individuals understand the need to include people with disabilities so that they can succeed and live a quality life.

In 1993, an art student observed my use of a head pointer to operate my augmentative communication device and decided she could attach a long handled paint brush to a head band and teach me to paint.   I still use a similar technique by placing the paintbrush in a side ponytail.  I am now an accomplished artist and this can only be possible through God.  I paint with my head but God’s hand guides me through each painting.


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